When looking to purchase a home getting a loan with the best terms are very important. A percentage difference in the interest rate can cost a person a lot of money over the years. There are different types of loans for homeowners based on their different needs.

Targeted Loans

These loans will allow a person to get a loan from a lender that will only allow them to purchase a home. A person cannot use this money to purchase a car or anything else. Sometimes a person will be able to use this loan if they are looking to purchase a business.

Unsecured Personal Loan

This loan does allow a person to have additional flexibility but they need to make sure they repay their loan. A person will have to pay a higher interest rate than on other types of homes loans but they will be able to get the money that they need.

Credit Cards

Some people put the down payment for their home on their credit card. This will allow a person to have the money without a problem. The only downfall is that credit cards have very high interest rates. A person will spend a lot of money over time if they use their credit card. For many this is a last resort option if they cannot get the funding through other means.


The money in the savings is usually for emergencies. If a person is looking to purchase a home they will save money over time but using what they have in their savings account.

These are some ways a person can get the funding for a home. Each of these methods has both positives and negatives to them. This is something that needs to be considered.